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icon_project.png UFO: Alien Invasion / Closed Bug report #5493 Mission autofail linked to new "objective" system.
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On maps where you are given a dropship by the RMA, the map seemingly has areas defined as team 0's target zone, and team 7's target zone. The target zone for the aliens is often close to one or more of its starting spawn locations, so it typically occupies it within a turn or two. Should they occupy this zone for 5 turns, all PHALANX units and civilians are instakilled and the mission fails. Said target zones only seem to be established on maps with a dropship.

This in itself is not that bad a thing, as it forces aggressive movements. That said, the spawn positions for the aliens are so close to its "target zone" that it is at times impossible to take them all out before a default mission fail and total squad wipe. A longer time limit dependant on map size and number of aliens would be nice, or maybe restricting this game aspect to missions where it makes sense. It is pretty nonsensical that an alien squatting in suburban bungalow leads to my soldiers dying after a few mins of being unable to spot it, but it does work for something like the Hydro dam - almost as if they blow it up after a short while.

Playing nightly build from 23/8/15
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Simply play a mission on a map with a dropship, wait for the autofail.
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