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icon_project.png UFO: Alien Invasion / Open Feature request #5464 extend functionality of misc_mission entity
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DarkRain (@darkrainx) has been working on this issue since July 25, 2015 (08:18)
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The misc_mission entity can already be used to destroy a target, as done in the fueldump map.<BR>

The description
> time: if set the entity has to be occupied x rounds to win the mission.
implies that it was also meant as an option to win a mission. Imo it would be very usefull if we could use this in the battlescape. E.g. if aliens could win a baseattack if they are able to occupy the command centre or power plant. Phalanx could win by securing the area around a downed UFO, aliens by aproaching the players dropship e.t.c.
Right now, aliens seem to completely ignore the misc_mission. For the player it just does not work.
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