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OPEN  Bug report #5439  -  Saracen (laser armed) doesn't shoot at UFOs just behind it
Posted Mar 17, 2015 - updated Mar 17, 2015
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Issue description
The Saracen armed with two laser cannons doesn't shoot at a UFO if it's just behind the Saracen. When the Saracen is gaining up on a UFO (i.e. coming from behind it) it will shoot as expected, but when the interception trajectory is different (coming from the side) the Saracen will follow the UFO within shooting range, staying just a tiny bit ahead and will not fire at all.
Steps to reproduce this issue
1. Order the Saracen (armed with lasers, in my case) to intercept a UFO that is slower than the Saracen (for example: Scout). 2. Manually change the Saracen's course so that it'll be ahead or slightly to the side of the UFO. 3. Now order the Saracen to intercept the UFO. The Saracen will close to firing range, but will not fire.