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icon_project.png UFO: Alien Invasion / Open Feature request #5436 Make human backup weapon usable in later part of the game
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in later in the game when aliens start to use armour, there are only one usable backup weapon - a parcile beam pistol. A lot of nice human backup weapons are not usable due to weak ammunition though there are a lot of new technologies and materials gained via research. For example: There is a monomolecular blade technology. We can develop a new amunition for pistols, SMG, assault rifle... contaning a support carying few monomolecular blades cutting the alien armour more easily than a standard projectile. This technology can be available before plasma ammunition for an assault and a sniper rifle or a machinegun is.

Discover of an alien needle technology may cary to new ammunition for a micro shot gun and a riot shot gun similar to a micro shot gun ammo with better penetration ability.

For close combat specialist we can develop an plasma ammunition in a similar way than is enhanced ammunition for the sniper or assault rifle. Today, real life shotguns can fire a lot of different types of ammunition, including solid shot ( in the game red labeled clip ). So there is no encumbrance to adapt this technology for this purpose. And ... assault rifle in the game use 4mm rounds. A barrel of the riot shot gun is appearing like an one inch wide in diameter. Potential of such an ammunition is enormous.

Manufacturing of such types of ammunition can require some pieces of alien materials or clips for alien weapons.
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