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OPEN  Bug report #5426  -  Objects can sometimes not be picked up
Posted Feb 12, 2015 - updated Feb 16, 2015
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Issue description
See headline. Now, this is very vague. I yet need to check under which exact circumstances it happens. Sometimes, when a soldier of mine got stunned, and I manage to heal him and revitalize him later, picking up his grenades from the ground does not work, although he still has enough TUs to do so. I suspect that this happens if I try to pick up one of several of some grenade type. For instance, the soldier had 3 smoke grenades, and I try to pick up 1 of them after he's standing again. This should only need 4 TUs for one grenade into the belt, which I have, but the game says not enough TUs. Does it perhaps check the TUs needed to pick up all smoke grenades (12 in this example) instead of just one ? Please check this.

EDIT I tried reproducing that in skirmish, to no avail. There must be something else involved. As far as I recall, it always happened after a stunned soldier got revitalized, with aggregated grenades.
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