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CLOSED  Bug report #5405  -  "shooting over crouching adjacent soldier" can fail
Posted Jan 06, 2015 - updated Jan 13, 2015
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Issue description
See screenshots. #1 is the actual occurance in the game, #2 (with the alien) the one I reproduced/reconstructed. Notice the positions of the shooting and the dead soldier. I checked that both were crouching, the line was green. Attaching the save this happened with; dropship is holding over that forest mission in North America.

EDIT git@6af957d4dd2a196dfe9946111b559359594c1966

I can reproduce on other maps too when shooting diagonally. Maybe this was recently broken (again). (see http://ufoai.org/forum/index.php/topic,8648.0.html)
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