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OPEN  Bug report #5357  -  question about RMA algo
Posted Jul 14, 2014 - updated Jul 15, 2014
aduke1 (aduke1) has been working on this issue since July 14, 2014 (11:00)
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Issue description
I have this as a tile descriptor:

tile +dummy_w
3 3
0 1 0
0 +14 0
0 4 0

This works well in my "dummy" system. However, it refuses to chain more than two of these tiles. So, this tile will build a 1x2 assembly, but it will not build 1x3. What is wrong with this?
If I test the 1x3 assembly, the mapdeftest does not fail, but the log looks like:
testMapDefsSingleplayer: Mapdef dummy_1x3 (seed 1405335246)
testMapDefsSingleplayer: Mapdef dummy_1x3 (param 1x3)
setting game random seed to 61974
tiles: -dummy/ub_
tiles: 0
Rerouted 0 cols for RMA in 0.0s
checksum for the map '+dummy': 0
ufo script checksum 615418689
Used inventory slots after ai spawn: 0
Steps to reproduce this issue
If needed, I can oc provide a map for testing.