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Open Bug report #5329 stun/medkit interaction
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Basically, if you get stunned there's no way to ressurect your soldier. I have used "stimulant" on a stunned soldier, but it strangely applied the stimulant to the soldier next to the one that was stunned. I think the same thing happens with wounded soldiers who are stunned. I'm not sure if that applies to aliens as well, but it almost seems like it. I kept healing a stunned and wounded alien, so it did seem like it detected wounds, but then the wounds never went away.
Steps to reproduce this issue
attempt to wake up a stunned soldier. attempt to wake up or heal a stunned and wounded soldier or alien. toss a stun grenade on an unprotected soldier in your dropship. When the smoke clears, try to wake him up. Put another soldier next to the stunned unit that is immune to stun, and watch the red crosses fly on the soldier who is not targetted/stunned.
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