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CLOSED  Bug report #5328  -  2.6-dev: Snipers aborting RF sometimes get wrong TU cost of subsequent RF attempts
Posted May 30, 2014 - updated Aug 31, 2014
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Issue description
It looks like an integer overflow to my (non-programmer) eye...

Sometimes after a unit aborts an RF, you will see "Snap Shot (248 TUs)" or something similar in a subsequent attempt in the same turn. I've only seen it with snipers I think. The number has always been below 256.

Log with +set developer 1:


Debian 64, built from master.

  1. % git log -1
  2. commit 7aeeadcb4fd469ca0544d70aa77b0acb7990fb34
  3. Author: Igor Gritsenko <xenomorph@thoradin.no-ip.org>
  4. Date: Fri May 30 11:24:39 2014 +0300
  6. * [UI2:UFOPedia] Small model is now hidden when the big picture is chosen.

(edit - I officially don't understand your bug tracker's syntax smileys/2.png )
Steps to reproduce this issue
1) Start skirmish on a map where you can see enemies to begin with - Wilderness works fine. Outfit all your guys with sniper rifles.

2) Put everyone on RF mode.

3) End turn.

I'm not sure you'll see it *every* time, but you've got a good chance.