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OPEN  Feature request #5278  -  mechanism of Orbital Rocket launcher
Posted Feb 09, 2014 - updated Feb 09, 2014
geever (geever) has been working on this issue since February 09, 2014 (12:57)
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Issue description
Right now, after the Orbital Rocket Launcher is ready, the player gets a chance to shoot down the carrier.

If, for whatever reason, the player denies, he is asked every single day again.

I think, a lot of players just want to keep playing at this point. They will shoot down the carrier one time, win the game, reload and keep playing. Popping up the Orbital Rocket Launcher window every 24 hours makes no sense here. The point is, we allow the player to keep playing, on the other hand we purge him with this popup window.

I think, if the player denies to shoot at the first place, he will have a reason. We should just give him the chance to shoot whenever he wants to, by himself opening the installation window and choosing a 'Shoot now' option.