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Open Bug report #5275 aircraft_equip, several UI issues
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05:12 ShipIt aDuke: in the aircraft menu, the 'Current Item In Slot' window clearly is not UI2 style yet 05:14 ShipIt while the window for the 'Available Equipment' above misses the stone-washed background 05:17 ShipIt the 'Remove this item' button has no frame, whre everything else has one which looks inconsistent to me 05:18 ShipIt the frames are not correctly aligned at the right side 05:19 ShipIt the space between frames is different 05:20 ShipIt the health bar for the craft does not fit into its background 05:21 ShipIt if everything else is within a frame, the information window in the upper right side should have one, too 05:22 ShipIt the base info bar is too small compared to the other items on the screen imo 05:27 ShipIt the 'Remove this item' button is in front of the stone-washed background - 05:27 ShipIt while the 'View aircraft' button is behind the stone-washed overlay 05:28 ShipIt which again is inconsistent
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