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OPEN  Bug report #5275  -  aircraft_equip, several UI issues
Posted Feb 04, 2014 - updated Feb 12, 2014
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Issue description
0512 ShipIt aDuke: in the aircraft menu, the 'Current Item In Slot' window clearly is not UI2 style yet

0514 ShipIt while the window for the 'Available Equipment' above misses the stone-washed background

0517 ShipIt the 'Remove this item' button has no frame, whre everything else has one which looks inconsistent to me

05:18 ShipIt the frames are not correctly aligned at the right side

0519 ShipIt the space between frames is different

05:20 ShipIt the health bar for the craft does not fit into its background

0521 ShipIt if everything else is within a frame, the information window in the upper right side should have one, too

0522 ShipIt the base info bar is too small compared to the other items on the screen imo

0527 ShipIt the 'Remove this item' button is in front of the stone-washed background - 0527 ShipIt while the 'View aircraft' button is behind the stone-washed overlay 0528 ShipIt which again is inconsistent
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