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Closed Bug report #5205 TU&weapon tooltip malfunction.
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icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Closed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
Old UI is not affected, only UI2. Tooltip about how many TUs it costs, what weapon is used, what accuracy at shot (like [[Image:http://i.imgur.com/ySOaLLb.png|on this image]]) disappears after reloading weapon using the reload button or when no ammo left and next round is started (not always). Here is [[Image:http://i.imgur.com/mvrrgxC.png|the affected image]]. I supposed that ui2 merge commit has no bug and bisected from master to that commit. In the end it turned out that this commit has this bug too. Moreover, I've tested previous commit and another commit long before the merge (c5a7d8eaa0bad1eeffff0a6521768713234d3df9) and this bug was present in both. Tooltip could also be replaced with some random string. It affects all gameplay so you have to exit game to make it work. Reloading weapon from inventory with drag-and-drop doesn't reproduce that bug.
Steps to reproduce this issue
1) Do a shot. 2) Reload. 3) Tooltip disappears. OR 1) Shot all ammo. 2) Skip round. 3) Tooltip disappears.
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