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icon_project.png UFO: Alien Invasion / Open Bug report #5169 picomodel: latest version from github is probably outdated
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I packaged the picomodel library from https://github.com/ufoai/picomodel for Debian. This version seems to differ from the embedded picomodel library that is included in ufoai's git repository.

The lastest git commit from branch ufoai_2.5 builds with the included picomodel library but not with the one from github.

error message at build time:

===> CXX [uforadiant] src/tools/radiant/radiant/windowobservers.cpp
===> CXX [uforadiant] src/tools/radiant/radiant/model.cpp
src/tools/radiant/radiant/model.cpp: In function 'void pico_initialise()':
src/tools/radiant/radiant/model.cpp:95:38: error: invalid conversion from 'void (*)(char*, byte**, int*) {aka void (*)(char*, unsigned char**, int*)}' to 'void (*)(const char*, unsigned char**, int*)' [-fpermissive]
In file included from src/tools/radiant/include/irender.h:103:0,
from src/tools/radiant/radiant/model.cpp:31:
src/tools/radiant/libs/math/Vector3.h: At global scope:
src/tools/radiant/libs/math/Vector3.h:432:15: warning: 'g_vector3_axes' defined but not used [-Wunused-variable]
const Vector3 g_vector3_axes[3] = { g_vector3_axis_x, g_vector3_axis_y, g_vector3_axis_z };
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