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I found a few logic errors in some of the game messages:
* When starting UFO disassembly, you get the message "Production of UFO - Scout started.", which is logically incorrect because you're disassembling it, not producing it. Perhaps disassembly could generate a different message, or the production messages could be changed to something more generic, like "Work on <item> started".
* In base view, when you have a lab/workshop but no hired scientists/workers, the tooltips read "No Laboratory/Workshop functional in base." which isn't true, the lab/workshop is fully functional, just unmanned.
* The research notes for Electro Laser states "It can be toggled to different power levels depending on the needs of the moment, from a simple stunning shock to full-blown electrocution which can kill weaker targets outright", but it actually has merely a single shot type.
* The research notes for Plasma Grenade states "The length of the countdown is variable depending on the number of seconds that the trigger is held down", but it only has roll and lob modes, no timer.
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