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Closed Bug report #5101 Out of range information not passed to UI reaction fire panel
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icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Closed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
The confuncs reactionfire_addtarget and reactionfire_updatetarget both accept a boolean indicating when the target is out of range. This boolean appears to be always false, as the if blocks checking these parameters are always skipped. I tested this by printing a string to the console when the confunc was triggered and another inside the if block. The latter never appeared, even though there were clear instances when the soldier could have fired but was out of range. The RF seems to work correctly. The soldier does not fire. However, there is no indication of this on the RF panel.
Steps to reproduce this issue
I will attach a .map file with long distance spawn points as well as a .ufo mapdef for it. You may need to reload a few times to get an alien spawning in one of the long-distance positions. Alternatively, you can try any map with very short-range weapons.
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Attachments (2)
  • icon_download.png Map def
    maps_firing_range.ufo uploaded Aug 30, 2013 by unknown user
  • icon_download.png firing range map
    firing_range.map uploaded Aug 30, 2013 by unknown user
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