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OPEN  Bug report #5046  -  Centre of craft not centring
Posted Jul 17, 2013 - updated Aug 19, 2015
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Issue description
I have a UFO Scout somewhere on the map, but when I click on the alert toggle, it moves me to a random location. I click it again and it moves me 90 degrees north. Do so again and another 90 degrees "north" (I could be heading south, but you get the idea). Four clicks and I've circled the globe. None of them are centred on the UFO. I find the UFO, shoot it down, and not clicking the button centres on it. No idea what triggered this. All other clicks of that have been fine. I had shot a different UFO down over the sea a few minutes earlier and think they were both active at the same time. Maybe when the shot-down UFO went the game didn't update the list correctly?
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