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OPEN  Feature request #4920  -  Thrash +ufocrash map
Posted Mar 14, 2013 - updated Mar 14, 2013
geever (geever) has been working on this issue since March 14, 2013 (08:16)
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Issue description
This map is a special case. It is used as an insurance, in case there is no map that fits the requirements for a crash site.

After the map selection was fixed I think it is not longer needed. I don´t like maintaining unused stuff. So I request to thrash this after releasing 2.5.

Just in case - it might still happen there is no map found, who knows - if the players dropship arrives at such a crash site, he should be told no alien survived the crash. The player takes the crashed UFO and the equipment of the alien team without a fight. If we could log this event this would be helpfull to find out for which requirements there was no map available.