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Closed Bug report #4906 Disabling reaction fire when weapon actions open does not refresh available actions
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icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Closed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
v2.5-dev-win 2013-Mar-01 If you have a weapon actions menu (select what type of shot/action you want to perform with that weapon), it takes into account how many time units you have left minus any reserved time units. Any actions for which insufficient time units remain are disabled on the menu. However, if you disable reaction fire with keyboard shortcut ("x"), the weapon action menu does not update until you close and reopen it.
Steps to reproduce this issue
In the attached 3 screenshots: # My soldier has 24 TU left, with 8 reserved, and a medkit action menu open. Since 20 TU are required for any action, all three options are disabled. # Disabling reaction fire with keyboard shortcut "x" now leaves 24 TU available, and all actions should be available. The medkit menu icon (crosshairs) changes from grey to blue indicating actions are now available, but the already-displayed action menu is not refreshed to allow me to actually use any of the now-available options. # Closing and re-opening the action menu now correctly shows the available actions.
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