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CLOSED  Bug report #4898  -  Reaction Fire and Stand Up/Down Crouch button don't update between soldiers on battlescape
Posted Mar 03, 2013 - updated Mar 26, 2013
icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Closed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
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Issue description
v2.5-dev-win 2013-Mar-01

Switching between soldiers in battlescape (e.g. with <tab>) does not update the Reaction Fire and Stand Up/Down icons, the icons just stay at whatever state they currently are no matter the value for the currently-selected soldier. The buttons still work to toggle the state of the current soldier, and do update when clicked, but the graphic does not update when selecting a new soldier.
Steps to reproduce this issue

An illustrated walkthrough  ⇑ top

Reaction Fire  ⇑ top

  1. Starts as expected, reaction fire is disabled and icon shows that: ufo02.jpgicon_open_new.png
  2. Toggle reaction fire button and reaction fire icon shows correctly, also reserved-time bar shows correctly. ufo03y.jpgicon_open_new.png
  3. Switch to next soldier and reaction fire icon "sticks" at previous state. This soldier does not have reaction fire enabled, but icon shows it as enabled. ufo05.jpgicon_open_new.png
  4. Click reaction fire button and reaction fire is enabled. Presumably the reaction-fire button is set to "enabled" graphic at this point, but since it was already showing that no change is visible. ufo06.jpgicon_open_new.png
  5. Click reaction fire button again and reaction fire is correctly disabled and button graphic is also correctly updated to disabled. ufo07.jpgicon_open_new.png

Stand Up / Stand Down  ⇑ top

  1. Starts as expected, soldier is standing and stand-up/down button graphic is correct: ufo08.jpgicon_open_new.png
  2. Tell soldier to crouch, all works as expected (soldier crouches, button graphic shows crouched): ufo09.jpgicon_open_new.png
  3. Switch to next soldier, but crouch button graphic shows already crouched even though soldier is standing: ufo10.jpgicon_open_new.png
  4. Tell soldier to crouch and they do, button graphic is presumably updated but since already shows soldier as crouching no visible change: ufo11.jpgicon_open_new.png
  5. Tell soldier to stand and they do, button graphic is correctly updated.