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OPEN  Feature request #4099  -  Alien AI should be able to open doors
Posted Sep 21, 2012 - updated Feb 01, 2013
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Item 615 imported from sourceforge.net tracker on 2013-01-28 20:23:02

Alien AI should be able to open doors so they are not stuck inside rooms with closed doors.
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natewr (2013-01-22 15:20:20.157000)  ⇑ top
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--- old +++ new @@ -1,9 +1 @@ -Some maps that have doors, which I find are normally all open by default (experience so far playing v2.4 a few weeks) - -I came across a map called "Mansion" where the doors were all closed. it is not a problem for the troops, they can open them, BUT.... the aliens CANNOT open the doors. Therefore I would find 2-3 aliens in the garage ramp of the mansion every time. The ramp is right next to the the helipad that the UFO always lands on, so many aliens wonder down there. - -So I send one soldier with a shotgun and plenty of ammo, stand at the closed door, then open it at the start of the turn unload the shotgun on one alien killing him, each per turn closing the door at the end of the turn. Reload and repeat until all aliens down there are dead (typically 2-3 in the normal difficulty game). - -It was suggested to me that this is due to lack of intellengence in the Alien AI it can't operate doors?! Hence this feature request to add this to the AI. - -I'm enjoying this game, thanks for the good work. +Alien AI should be able to open doors so they are not stuck inside rooms with closed doors.


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