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OPEN  Bug report #3386  -  [map] +rescue minor issues
Posted Oct 07, 2012 - updated Jan 28, 2013
shipit (shipit) has been working on this issue since January 28, 2013 (20:48)
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Issue description
Item 3386 imported from sourceforge.net tracker on 2013-01-28 20:08:16

map: ../../base/maps/rescue/r_craft_drop_firebird.map Error - found misaligned info_2x2_start at line 865 Error - found misaligned info_2x2_start at line 871
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shipit (2012-12-02 13:08:36.568000)  ⇑ top
This map is full of s***.

It is missing the advanced dropships, the ground textures do not fit those from the +ufocrash map and the models of the downed dropships have no clips. And there are trees on some tiles, which will look awesome if the crashsite is in antarctica. Holy mess.
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