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OPEN  Bug report #3352  -  No "ufo detected" message for supply ship
Posted Aug 13, 2012 - updated Jan 24, 2015
geever (geever) has been working on this issue since January 28, 2013 (20:48)
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Issue description
Item 3352 imported from sourceforge.net tracker on 2013-01-28 20:08:16

Sometimes there is no "UFO detected" message for supply ships. UFO and corresponding button is shown silently, without stopping time or message. I suppose those UFOs are launched from alien base (already discovered) under radar detection coverage.
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aduke1 (2012-10-09 23:10:31.039000)  ⇑ top
- **assigned_to**: Tamás Fehérvári
geever (2012-10-12 20:23:24.981000)  ⇑ top
I think I know this. It is because the UFO did not disappear - at least for the visibility checker function - in that case. It happens when Supply Ship takes off from a mission which it landed silently, so the other part of the bug is, that the mission doesn't get visible.

geever (2012-10-12 20:28:03.843000)  ⇑ top
It would be good to have a savegame before the Supply Ship disappear, for reproducing...

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