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OPEN  Bug report #3306  -  alien can't be shot, then becomes invisible
Posted Jun 09, 2012 - updated Jan 28, 2013
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Issue description
Item 3306 imported from sourceforge.net tracker on 2013-01-28 20:08:16

I had an alien that could not be targeted and would not die with grenades, for nearly ten rounds it sat still, firing in it&#039;s turn, then it became invisible. After becoming invisible it started moving (I could tell as it kept firing, so I saw the shots came from different sqares). Screenshots and logs attached to forum posts here <http://ufoai.org/forum/index.php/topic,6756.0.html>
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darkrainx (2012-12-16 18:43:42.999000)  ⇑ top
<s>Has someone seen this after the latest fixes? Is it still alive?</s> Never mind, yes it is still alive.
darkrainx (2012-12-20 20:31:44.258000)  ⇑ top
Could it be possible that the EV_ACTOR_MOVE is being interrupted before completion? 1) There were pending events upon closing the game the last time this happened, possibly the le was still locked 2) If the move event was interrupted it would explain the aliens seemingly stuck between two adjacent grid positions (should they be in the middle of the walking animation? I&#039;ve only seen this with hovernets) 3) One of the pending events was EV_ACTOR_APPEAR, that would explain the invisibility (the perish event isn&#039;t filtered IIRC) 4) Of the events that lock the le, the move one is the only one not completed in a single function, it is conceivable that le->think could be changed in the middle of the move
aduke1 (2012-12-20 21:33:59.245000)  ⇑ top
DarkRain, if you want to investigate this, you should also take a very close look at G_DoTestVis(). Something is definitely fishy there. I mean the flags for mode, state and result are mixed in an unhealthy way.
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