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OPEN  Bug report #3277  -  Lighting problems and gaps in the faces
Posted May 12, 2012 - updated Jan 28, 2013
alextishin (alextishin) has been working on this issue since January 28, 2013 (20:48)
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Issue description
Item 3277 imported from sourceforge.net tracker on 2013-01-28 20:05:19

I've noticed some odd lighting behaviour recently -- I don't know if it's always been there or not. But faces that have similar but slightly different angles sometimes generate very different lighting. This is noticeable on the round edges of the container in the attached map.

Also, there seem to be gaps in the faces produced in the attached map. I've double and triple checked all the brushwork in radiant, but I can't find a solution.

Please see the attached image for reference. I've also attached the map file for you to use as a test case.
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natewr (2012-05-12 10:33:40)  ⇑ top
Screenshot showing issues.
natewr (2012-05-12 10:36:35)  ⇑ top
.map file with test case
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