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OPEN  Bug report #3231  -  Extremely slow air combat
Posted Apr 10, 2012 - updated Jan 28, 2013
mattn (tlh2000) has been working on this issue since January 28, 2013 (20:48)
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Issue description
Item 3231 imported from sourceforge.net tracker on 2013-01-28 20:05:19

Attacking Fighter ufo with my two Stiletto interceptors, the game almost freezes when they begin to fight at close distance. The effect is like there are high-priority process taking all processor time, mouse cursor is updated like 1 time in 10 seconds. Total combat time is about 30-40 seconds on 5 min time mode. 100% reproducible. Game verison is 2.4 release candidate, I had no such an effect in 2.4 November/December builds. My system is Vista x64 SP2.
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serg334 (2012-04-10 09:52:59)  ⇑ top
air combat, figter ufo shot down, quit to desktop
snakesanders (2012-04-10 11:56:12)  ⇑ top
I think November/December builds really contains this but it was fixed in latest versions. Link for downloading: ufoai.org/snapshots/ufoai-stable-win32.exe
serg334 (2012-04-10 12:45:11)  ⇑ top
I just tested it with latest build (April, 10) - still have this effect
serg334 (2012-04-25 23:22:23)  ⇑ top
New test: 2.4 Release - bug is present. 2.5 - no such bug.
diskcrasher (2012-04-28 17:22:35)  ⇑ top
Am also having this problem with 2.4 release.
tlh2000 (2012-05-01 15:21:37)  ⇑ top
this only happens in release mode compilation afair
mcr2010 (2012-05-09 04:40:04)  ⇑ top
Increased priority because it affects many players. Should be fixed for 2.4.1.
tlh2000 (2012-05-09 09:29:52)  ⇑ top
please attach a savegame for testing
serg334 (2012-05-10 03:04:23)  ⇑ top
Stiletto vs Fighter
serg334 (2012-05-10 03:06:12)  ⇑ top
Savegame attached, one Stiletto vs Fighter (same effect as with two Stilettos)
tlh2000 (2012-05-10 10:22:09)  ⇑ top
not reproducible even with the attached savegame (linux)

can some windows user please try to reproduce it with the attached savegame?
tlh2000 (2012-05-10 13:17:17)  ⇑ top
windows only issue.
tlh2000 (2012-05-10 13:21:53)  ⇑ top
... i was able to reproduce it once with the attached savegame - but now... not reproducible (windows)
tlh2000 (2012-05-11 08:42:24)  ⇑ top
this topic has another savegame attached: http://ufoai.org/forum/index.php/topic,6574.msg52171.html#msg52171
*anonymous (2012-08-16 23:55:19)  ⇑ top
this still happens in the last stable release (2.4)
aduke1 (2012-10-07 23:53:30.942000)  ⇑ top
- **assigned_to**: Martin Gerhardy
darkrainx (2012-10-08 01:09:02.751000)  ⇑ top
Duplicates: #3358, #3361, #3250
gil75 (2012-10-27 00:57:54.455000)  ⇑ top
I keep encountering this bug - very reproducable under windows 7. This only happens when two aricrafts (the interceptor and the ufo being intercepted) have the same speed. my assumption is: since the interceptor is set to follow the UFO and the UFO is set to attack the interceptor, both will end up on the same spot... from there a deadlock emerges. I also assume that the X,Y,Z of each are being represented in floating point varibles with limited accuracy and this is the reason while the deadlock is not causing a total freeze. If there is already a test in the code for checking if both aircrafts are on the same spot and than a branch to an alternative behavior - this test should be rounded to the nearst integer value, or a lowered resolution value.
pashara (2012-12-07 22:48:21.428000)  ⇑ top
I have this bug in the last stable release (2.4) on two computers, only if speed interceptor=speed ufo how to correct it?

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