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Contribute: Coding, Debugging, Scripting, Packaging

Installer or packages

To generate the pk3 game archives you should type make pk3. The pk3-files are normal zip files (this step is optional - you don't have to pack the data into pk3 files).

Special cvars

Packagers can add these cvars to their start script to change the game data path and/or the locales path.

  • fs_basedir [string]
The path of the gamedata files
  • fs_i18ndir [string]
The path of the gettext files
  • fs_usehomedir [0|1]
Use the homedir to save screenshots and savegames (default)

Just start UFO:AI e.g. via

./ufo +set fs_basedir /usr/games/ufo +set fs_i18ndir /usr/share/locales