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If you're a SUSE User, you don't have to worry about Installation, not even about upgrades!

This Tutorial is based on YAST2, but if you're using another package manager within SUSE Linux / openSUSE, you probably figure out how to do it.

Steps to get UFO:AI Installed

  • Open YAST2 as superuser
  • Choose Sotware in the left menu and Installation source in the right pane
  • Add the following repository:
Type: HTTP - Servername: - Directory: repositories/games/<SUSE_Version>/
   For the moment, <SUSE_Version> can be one of
   * openSUSE_10.2
   * openSUSE_10.3
   * openSUSE_Factory

In latest SUSE versions you can add repository URL, which is faster and easier to do. Just add the URL :<SUSE_Version>/

There are even some mirrors around, so in case you experiance bad speed when installing the game (especially on the data blob), try to point to a mirror. Normally, there should be no need for this, as is redirecting to international mirrors for downloads.

  • Confirm possible appearing dialogs about GPG Keys (The repository is signed for your security)
  • Click Finish (this might take a while, especially on SUSE Linux >= 10.1)
  • Go to Software Management
  • In the searchbox, enter ufoai, then click search
  • UFO:Alien Invasion is shown as a result (three hits, including map and music files). Select the package ufoai
  • Click Accept (This will start the Dependency check and automatically select ufoai-data and possible other packages.
  • The game will be installed (maybe you even have to insert the installation CD of SUSE Linux)

When this step is done, you can leave YaST and start UFO: Alien Invasion from the Startmenu. You should find it in Games/Strategy

Commandline installation using smart (apt-like package manager):

smart channel --add games type=rpm-md name="games" baseurl=<SUSE_Version see above>
smart update
smart install ufoai

Have a lot of Fun!

--DimStar 12:49, 16 November 2006 (CET)