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Version 2.4

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Things have been done Things to do

3D engine

  • Increased framerate at large maps
  • Added simplified shaders to support low-end hardware
  • Many minor improvements


  • Windows: Fixed freeze at the end of a game if server threads were activated
  • Mac OS X: Fixed package bug - ensure that the used frameworks are part of the dmg


Rescue zone
  • Rescue zone for dropships where soldiers will survive at mission abort
  • Character statistics and Actor skin descriptions are now scriptable
  • Added cgame (client side modding) support - and converted skirmish and multiplayer. It is now possible to add new new client side shared objects to add new gametypes.
  • Support for game modding via fs_gamedir cvar.
  • Improved and faster renderer.
  • Rewritten RMA-algoritm. Now it is faster and does not hang up the game for some assemblies.
  • Added a simple campaign cgame type with a fixed number of missions and in a fixed order.


  • Production requirements support
  • Rescue missions: Rescue soldiers of your downed dropships!
  • Support for more than 64 aircraft
  • Ensure base connectivity
  • Support for bigger base buildings (2x2, 3x1, etc.)
  • Allow production costs independent from market prices
  • Extend building event trigger support (to run events on constructing/destructing/enabling/disabling)
  • Allow switching the base not only from the main base menu, but also from any of the base's submenus
    • if available and functional the same submenu of the base switched to will automatically open, otherwise the main base menu will be shown
  • Sort the aircraft list for interception and mission popups by distance to the target
  • Show 2 different aircraft models depending on aircraft status (en-route/landed)
  • Implemented better auto-mission handling
  • Select soldiers to fight in base defense
  • Implemented transfers between UFO Yards
  • Distance penalty for disassemblies. Disassembling a UFO stored far from the base will take longer.
  • Implemented listing of actual cargo transfers
  • Exit Confirmation pop-up for the campaign mode
  • New alien base map
  • New, higher quality basemapshots


  • Added support for armour penalty. Heavy armour decreases available TUs now.
  • New battle mode: Alien rush (endless-alien-respawn-feature).
  • World entity interaction with the mouse is now possible (e.g. open doors)
  • Improved camera behaviour accessible via middle mousebutton
  • Highlight entities that can be used by an actor (e.g. doors)
  • Implemented smoke grenades
  • Implemented fire fields for incendiary grenades and rockets
  • Reworked and enhanced civilian teams (nations)
  • Added possibility to use "special civilian teams" on certain maps
  • New civilian teams (scientists, workers, miners, soldiers)
  • Randomspawn of the enemy is now enabled on many maps


  • Allow to edit, load and save your skirmish teams

Map and map tool improvements

alienbase RMA
hills theme.
city2 map
gate map
neighbourhood map
  • New (map) entities:
  • New maps
    • alien base
    • +beach
    • bungalow
    • bungalow2
    • +city2
    • city_industrial
    • gate
    • +harbour2 RMA theme
    • +hills RMA theme
    • +mansion
    • neighbourhood
    • small_house
  • Improved and added new tiles for some RMAs:
    • +forest
    • +oriental
  • Other improvements on various maps
    • added a lot of new func_breakables on many maps
    • rescaled low-resolution textures on the maps
    • added many new alien spawnpoints and enabled randomspawn on various maps
  • UFORadiant
    • Implemented texture overview
    • Implemented skip-common-texture feature
    • Implemented cut feature


  • Many key-configuration enhancements and improvements
  • New keyinfo menu accessible from anywhere via F4 key
  • Support for creating custom HUDs
    • New battlescape HUD: Minimal HUD aka MiniHUD
  • Upgrades for all existing battlescape HUDs
  • Upgrade for the Options menu
  • Upgrade for the Skirmish menu
  • Upgrade for the UFOPedia
  • Upgrade for the Research menu
  • Upgrade for the Aliencontainment menu


  • Complete new sounds
  • New particle effects and special-fx textures and particle animation frames (explosions, weapons, etc.)
  • New and improved, transparent blood-textures
  • New music, revised tracklist
  • New cursor images for the battlescape
  • Loads of new models (civilians, rocketlauncher, static models on maps)
  • New diffuse textures, new glowmaps, new normalmaps, new specularmaps
  • Higher resolution textures for existing models
  • Upgraded alien races with additional skins, glowmaps and normalmaps
  • Removed unused parts of model textures to optimize filesizes
  • Increased texture resolution for existing map textures
  • Replaced textures without proper license
  • Replaced many .jpg textures with .png textures without artifacts
  • Optimized and recompressed all png textures for optimum performance
  • A lot of new UI graphics and effects
  • New, high-quality renderings of rank pictures and other graphics
  • Improved tech pictures
  • First glowmap animations
  • More flares & new light animations
  • Automatic crashdump upload
  • Fixed bugs