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Entity inspector


  • This trigger is activated once the mission goal is acchieved (all aliens are killed or the misc_mission entity goal is reached. You now have to move one soldier into the trigger zone to load a new map-part. With this trigger it is possible to tell stories over maps. E.g. several floor maps where you have to kill all aliens on one floor, go one floor down, collect a specific item, go one floor up (now with a different map set but the same layout) and use the collected item to finish a misc_mission entity.

Any entity on the given team that touches this (once activated) will trigger the map change to the nextmap. The spawnflags define the levels the spawned particle is visible on. Only used in singleplayer games.


  • nextmap
The map to start once this trigger is touched
  • particle
The particle that indicates the activity of this trigger
  • team
The team number that this trigger serves as a next map trigger