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Version 2.2.0

Git working directory: root



New Features

  • 3D Geoscape - possible to select in options.
  • Target to different height levels for shooting using the shift key.
  • Tip of the Day.
  • Implemented capacities for base facilities.
  • Implemented dependencies for base facilities.
  • Aircraft slots to get several aircraft items per aircraft.
  • Air interceptions.
  • Base defense against UFO raid.
  • Personel and aircrafts transfer between bases.
  • Actorsounds. [WIP]
  • UFO crash.
  • UFO-Recoveries.
  • Shoot-through-walls. [WIP]
  • Footstep sounds.
  • Added e-mails.
  • Ambient sounds via misc_sound entity

Bugfixes and code cleanup or improvement

  • Solaris port (thanks McMurlock)
  • Mac PowerPC (and maybe also PS3) port
  • Reimplemented the transfer code.
  • RoQ support (cutscenes).
  • OGG-Vorbis support for sound effects.
  • New memory subsystem which fixes most of the memleaks we had in our old code.
  • Better item descriptions in UFOpedia and other menus.
  • Fixed Intel graphic card support.
  • New network code.
  • Merged client and renderer code
  • Video subsystem now uses SDL on every plattform
  • Merged client and sound driver code
  • Sound subsystem now uses SDL on every plattform
  • Improved sound system (no more sound stuttering)
  • Faster map loading
  • Bugfixes for random map assembly code
  • Bugfixes for overlapping texts




  • some new geoscape event sounds


  • Improved in-game IRC client (hit F10 to get it from everywhere in the game once you are connected)
  • Improved serverbrowser
  • New Armour system
  • Soldier turning via RMB Template-RMB.png (Right mouse button)
  • Redone the credits sequence
  • Language selection via menu
  • Implemented headgear slot
  • Polish for mail client, hospital and some other menus
  • Cleaned up textures - replaced a lot of textures with GPled ones and removed a lot of unused textures
  • Better popup messages when and why buildings are inactive
  • Updated PDF manual


  • New maps pipes_const01, terrain02, convoy01
  • Fixed a lot of mapbugs (like actors inside of solid objects, unusable stairs, shoot through objects and so on)
  • New base facilities:
    • Antimatter Storage facility map
    • Missile facility for base defense