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The current rank system is still under constant development.

TODO: Write how ranks affect the various squad members in the battlescape (boost/reduces morale?) and how the soldiers get them right now.





Badge Short name Name
Rank 01.jpg Rfn Rifleman
Rank 02.jpg LCpl Lance-Corporal
Rank 03.jpg Cpl Corporal
Rank 04.jpg Sgt Sergeant
Rank 05.jpg WO Warrant Officer
Rank 06.jpg SWO Senior Warrant Officer


As of 2.4, a soldier need a mind of at least 50 to reach a commissioned rank

Badge Short name Name
Rank 07.jpg 2Lt Second Lieutenant
Rank 08.jpg Lt Lieutenant
Rank 09.jpg Capt Captain
Rank 10.jpg Maj Major
Rank 11.jpg Lt Col Lieutenant-Colonel
Rank 12.jpg Col Colonel


While the actual implementation is still under heavy discussion a few comments might help to understand how it works now. Different you ones first thought the main criteria for promotions is not the missions / kills ratio but the mind skill. You simply don't want an psychopathic, thrill seeking terminator like guy as squadleader but someone who is mentally stable ;) Also, up to now, there is only one member of you squad that is going to be promoted while the rest is left with nothing. Here a list of the different badges and their corresponding ranks. \includegraphics[scale=1]{images/badges_rekrut_final.jpg} & \includegraphics[scale=1]{images/badges_sergeant_final.jpg} & \includegraphics[scale=1]{images/badges_hauptmann_final.jpg}\\ Private & Sergeant & Hauptmann\\