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This needs a cutscene and a special scripted mission: Ideally the tech Orbital UFO Activity would start a timer, then give the player an e-mail giving him the choice of shooting down the Carrier when he's ready.


The cutscene comes before the mission. It should be either an animation of a space gun, as described in Orbital UFO Activity, shooting down a Carrier UFO, or just a still image of a Carrier in orbit being hit by a large artillery shell.



The mission should be in two parts:

  • The objective in the first part is to gain entry to the crashed Carrier. This should focus on the outskirts of the crash site, rather than the Carrier's whole bulk, since it would be far too large to fit on one of our maps. One side of the Carrier should occupy one edge of the map, thus giving the player a point where he can enter the UFO, but maintaining a sense of scale. The player would have to fight through entrenched aliens to get to the entrance.
  • The second part is securing the interior of the Carrier, with the alien FTL drive in it. A possible additional objective would be to keep the aliens from permanently damaging or destroying the FTL drive.

Also see Storyline Missions

FTL drive

The FTL (faster than light) device should be big; three or four levels high at least. Also see this talk page's article and The Alien Strategy for more information about it.

The FTL device should be roughly spherical in shape, with two toroids (rings) encircling it, and should hover freely in the air. It doesn't necessarily have to look like other alien technology. A slightly crude appearance would be ideal.

Available artwork