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Hello all,

I am just getting back into this game (and by the way, it rocks since 2.0!), and happened to see this page. I have done code like this before, and am working on an overhaul of your pathing code. As an example, I have condensed the Grid_MoveMark code from about 188 lines to 150, and at least 25 of those are a huge block of comments I added describing what my code is doing. I use math based loops, which actually use less code and perform fewer checks than the old code. This math based approach would allow for even larger (3x3 anyone?) actors. I have also edited Grid_CheckForbidden to use this math based approach, and am looking at Grid_MoveCheck because it duplicates a lot of what Grid_MoveMark does. I may be a little in getting a tested patch to you; I'm just reinstalling my C compiler for Windoze.

Of course - would be nice to see the patch when you are done. we are currently discussing stuff like that on our internal mailinglist. if you are interested, tell us your mail adress and we will add you to the list. there are some other things we have to keep in mind concerning pathfinding - if you find the time, please join our irc channel and as me (mattn2 in irc) about this topic. --Mattn 13:58, 14 February 2008 (CET)
I agree with mattn. Every help in that part of the code is much appreciated. The current code is partly very old code and partly modified to support 2x2 units by me (very hackish at that, i just wnated to get it to work at all), so any streamlining already helps a lot :) --Hoehrer 20:48, 14 February 2008 (CET)