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Reenen: I know this is quite early, (and I played version 0.12 rather than 0.13) but some extra documentation is needed.

I wanted to do some work on an explaination screen with controls etc., but I am still figuring them out as I go.

But basically, a screenshot of the HUD, and then indicate on the top 1-8 buttons that it is your "team". And on the left 1-8, indicate that it is the "cut" level. (What is the UFO:AI jargon for that?) How the firing, dropping, throwing, etc. will work. The rotate, +zoom, -zoom, camera switch etc. keys.

Also an indicator that the number on the top right is the amount of spotted aliens by your team.

And so on... basically that the UI is friendly, and that a new user can start easily.

already there

mattn: this point is already in the todo-list

this in meant to be the part of the tutorials (see also the sequence stuff) there you can add your images and some descriptive text (but text, as text and not in the image - due to translation reasons)

What? Where? Huh?

This page should redirect to the current valid TODO, the page is confusing and the visitor doesn't want the history of TODOs, he wants to know which is the current.