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Bugs to be fixed

  • [done] Bug#3376611: Mission models orientation
  • [done] Bug#3507970: Outdated 'tip of the day' entries
  • [open] Bug#3515271: employee counter icons (heads) missing

Things to polish before we branch

  • [open] sync the translations with the wiki
    • [done] Bug#3484715: must repair the script
  • [WIP] balance UFO swarm (number of missions spawned)
    • Is there already any feedback available?
  • [open] brainstorm about the conflicting opinions regarding the number of available scientists/workers in the campaign (see latest complaints about that in the forum also) and find a final decision on this
  • [done] Change ambient light in alien base to match the green of the other lights. (if we branch first, this commit would probably be easy to merge to branch)

Things to do/remove/disable (once we branched)

  • [open] Bug#3419455: check the research tree and remove unfinished/not fully implemented stuff
  • [open] craft item: fuel pod
  • [done] UI: remove UGV tabs of market and production screens
  • [open] unused data
    • [open] maps: Remove unfinished or unwanted maps
    • [done] music: Remove unused music tracks and clean up music.ufo (remove disabled references)
      • [done] Identify them -> the tracks, which are currently disabled in music.ufo
    • [done] models: Remove unused models
    • [done] textures: Remove unused textures
    • [open] soundfx: Remove unused soundFX
  • [open] remove or improve team menu bug report
  • [open] Set MAX_ACTORSIZE to 1 (reduced routing lump in bsp - and we not using ugvs in 2.4)
  • [done] update the buildbot config to build the new stable version, too