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Making PHALANX base pieces 2x2 ready

Some of the current base pieces do not fully support 2x2 units. It is desirable for this to be the case, as the player will want to field UGVs in base defence missions, and 2x2 aliens should be able to get inside.

The following facilities have been checked. [open] marks facilities that need changes, [done] marks facilities that are 2x2 ready. If a facility does not appear in this list, it has not been checked.
[done] Power Plant
[done] Command Centre
[done] Missile Battery
[done] Team Room
[done] Antimatter Storage

[open] Alien Containment

Alien Containment.jpg

  • Alien Containment to be redesigned as a double-size facility. See talk.

[done] Entrance


  • As per image, the bar on the ground level is now in opened position.

[done] Hospital


  • 2x2 ready, but not yet hospital-looking.

[done] Lab


  • As per image.

[done] Large Hangar & Large UFO Hangar

Large Hangar&Large UFO Hangar.jpg

  • As per image.

[done] Living Quarters

Living Quarters.jpg

  • As per image.

[done] Radar


  • As per image.

[done] Small Hangar & Small UFO Hangar

Small Hangar&Small UFO Hangar.jpg

  • As per image.

[done] Storage


  • Office downsized to make room for the corridor. Some boxes moved onto shelves.

[done] Workshop


  • As per image. Office relocated. Conveyor belt shortened.