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Official Description

The Heavy Weapons skill represents training in the use of support weapons. These weapons tend to create more damage than the widely issued rifles and pistols, but also tend to have more weight and produce more recoil.

Character needs to hit enemies 4 times to gain one point of this skill.

Battle Implications

The Flamethrower is a weapon that is unique in the PHALANX arsenal. It has a short range, but always hits once in range. Additionally, flame damage is effective even against armored opponents.

Some players like to use a rapid fire weapon in reaction fire placed behind your advancing troops to discourage enemies from taking potshots at you. This concept is known as "suppressive fire". This is primarily the function of the Machine Gun. The Assault Rifle in "Full-Auto" mode can do this, but is not as accurate to hit. No other rapid fire weapon has a range equal or exceeding that of the Machine Gun.

The heavy weapons developed by the aliens [Plasma Blaster/Particle Accelerator Cannon] produce large amounts of damage, but have short ranges and significant TU costs.


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