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Technical Specifications: CRC-FL Flamethrower


PHALANX Extraterrestrial Response Unit

Technical Document, Delta Clearance

Filed: 20 March 2084

By: Cdr. Paul Navarre, R&D: Engineering Division, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command


The alien attack on Mumbai made our situation painfully clear. Their technology is far more advanced than ours. The complete inability of Commonwealth troops to make a dent in the Mumbai offensive revealed critical weaknesses in current military training and equipment. They lost three battalions just bringing the aliens to a standstill without inflicting significant casualties. PHALANX has to overcome these odds, and to do that we need the very best human technology has to offer.

The Excalibur Program was created to find the most effective weapons on Earth by reviewing their manufacturing standards, durability, operational record, and their combat performance in the situations where we've managed to bring the aliens to battle.

From our experiences in Mumbai and other stricken cities, we've concluded that the aliens seem to concentrate their efforts on population centres, especially dense urban areas. A majority of engagements have taken place at knife-fighting range. For the purposes of the Excalibur Program, we've chosen several high-performance weapons for our Close Range Combat package.

The Iranian ADA 22 flamethrower (nicknamed 'The Torch of God' by Alliance troops) is a marvel of modern engineering. Unlike the old flamethrowers of the 20th century, it requires no heavy pressure tanks to be carried on a soldier's back -- the ADA is one unit carried in the hands without any hoses or tubes. It simply slots a relatively small 200mm gas canister into the feed, fires its deadly ammunition, and then ejects the empty canister to make room for a reload. The system is ingenious and surprisingly reliable.

The muzzle of the weapon is a powerful pump that squirts gas into the air, then sets off the gas-air mixture by way of four parallel spark igniters, one main unit and three backups. These igniters each emit as many as ten sparks per second in order to ignite the fuel before it disperses. The backups are very important in preventing an explosion due to the special fuel the ADA uses, a substance called Compound 90.

Compound 90 is a new flamethrower fuel that, when injected into the air, creates a slow thermobaric reaction -- a fuel-air ignition rather than a fuel-air explosion -- that can roast living tissue in seconds. C90 inflicts horrific damage on organic targets; the heat generated exceeds 1700 degrees celsius, enough to melt titanium. However, due to its gaseous nature it leaves no burning residue (like napalm) on the target or in the surrounding area and disperses its heat much more quickly. This makes it significantly safer for urban use than napalm-derivative substances.

The ADA 22's main drawbacks are its short range and its complex internals, which are difficult to repair. However, our experienced technicians should have no problem doing maintenance on this model.

For PHALANX use, we have given this flamethrower the classification CRC-FL.

Recommended Doctrine

The CRC-FL is a close-range weapon; the operator needs to be fast in order to get into weapons range and unleash as much hell as possible. It is also a rather weighty weapon despite its relatively slim design.

Flamethrowers also make great ambush weapons -- just make sure that none of our soldiers are in the line of fire.


This weapon should not be fired if there are civilians in or near the target zone.

Damage Type