Running the game

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You need a 3D graphics card and a suitable driver which is installed on your system to run UFO:AI. There is no software renderer available.

You can use commandline parameters to start the game.

  • +map <day|night> [mapname] will automatically start the given map
  • +set [cvar] [value] will automatically set the cvar from start


  • +map day farm starts the map farm in the day mode
  • +set r_mode 6 sets the given cvar to value 6

Every available command can be executed and every available cvar be set in this way from the commandline.

Self-compiled from source

You have grabbed the development version from the source code repository version and now you are lost? Look at the articles at compiling the source. There you will find some more information about several platforms.

Distribution notes



Note: In windowed mode, entering the console (with ^) will free the mouse cursor.

Also see the console key bindings in the console article.