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Step 1 - Hide

  • Click View->Filter->Entities to hide all entities
  • Hide all clipping brushes (select them and hit h) (hint: Shift h will unhide all hidden brushes and entities)

Lf1 stepon clip invis.jpg

It should look like this - the actorclip brushes should not be visible anymore Lf2 stepon clip invisible.jpg

Step 2 - Level 1

Now select the first level brushes by holding shift + left mouse button and drag Lf3 select level1.jpg

After you selected the 1. level you should hit the s-key to open the surface inspector. Select all levelflags from 1-8 like seen below Lf4 select level 1 surface inspector.jpg

Step 3 - Level 2

The same for the next level - make sure, that you also select the ceiling of the 1. level but not the ceiling for the 3. level Lf5 select level 2.jpg

Select all but the 1. floor levelflags to show theses brushes in all but the 1. level Lf6 select level 2 surface inspector.jpg

Step 3 - Level 3

Just to complete the steps do the same for the 3. level. Lf7 select level 3.jpg

Mark all but the first two levelflags Lf8 select level 3 surface inspector.jpg

Tall maps

The highest level selectable when playing on your map is set in the worldspawn. it is called maxlevel. see Lesson 1 for details of setting worldspawn flags.