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In order to have your map cutaway at different levels in the game, you have to give all of your brushes and some of your entities level flags.

To set a level flag for a brush, go to the Mapping/Surface_inspector sidebar and find the level flags. You can click to set which levels the brush should appear on. This must be set for the whole brush. You can not set some faces of a brush to appear on a level and some faces to not appear on that level.

For some entities, func_breakable, misc_model, and misc_particle, you will need to set level flags. Go to the entities panel. Now, you can either select the entity in one of the views, or find it in the tree of entities listed in the sidebar. Once selected, you will see checkboxes to select the levels.

Tips and Best Practices

  • You must set the flag for all levels you want an object to appear on. Just because you've set your road to appear on level 1 doesn't mean it will appear on level 2.
  • To improve the performance of your map, it's always a good idea to not show brushes and entities that can't be seen. For instance, if you have a chair inside of a room on level 1 and it's not visible when the player is looking at level 2, you should only assign level 1 to the chair. That way the engine can hide it when it can't be seen, and there will be less for the engine to handle at once.


Here are some step-by-step screenshots to show you how to handle the levelflags.