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Entity inspector
misc_mission attributes


  • This defines a special mission target. The entity can spawn e.g. a particle (like smoke) to mark a landing zone that must be occupied to win the match.


  • particle: The particle to display.
  • item: Item that must be placed here to trigger the target (e.g. a bomb that will blast the target entity, valid bombs are e.g. bomb1 and bomb2).
  • group: Allows you to group mission entities - e.g. you have to occupy them all for x rounds to win the match.
  • target: The target that is triggered once the round time was hit - target trigger must have targetname set.
  • message: A message that is shown when the mission is completed.
  • targetname: The name of this mission target.
  • desc: The description of this mission target.
  • origin: The position of this mission target.
  • spawnflags: Level flags
  • radius: If the entity has to be occupied this defines the radius that is needed. The value is given in world units. This means that one grid tile is 32 units.
  • team: The id of the team this mission is for (1 = Phalanx, 7 = Aliens, 1-6 multiplayer teams)
  • time: If set the entity has to be occupied x rounds to win the mission. In case of a bomb target this is the amount of rounds the bomb has to be laid down.