Manual/Singleplayer/Moving your Forces

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The map on the Battlescape is divided into squares. A character model typically takes up one square to stand in. To move your forces simply select one of your characters, either by clicking on them, clicking on the number in the upper part of the screen or using the 1 – 8 keys. Then click on the square you want your character to move to.

After movement a character will face in the direction his last square of movement was. Right clicking on any square of the map will rotate the active character so that he is facing there. The direction a character is facing is important for Spotting enemies.

Movement consumes Time Units (TUs). You can only move to squares that you have enough TUs to reach. When you hover your mouse pointer over a square that is in reach, you will notice two little numbers appearing over your mouse pointer. The first number will represent the number of TUs it will cost your character to reach that square. The number in parenthesis is the number of unreserved TUs your character currently has left during this round.

TU costs of moving:

  • Moving to a directly adjacent square uses 2 TUs.
  • Moving to a diagonally adjacent square uses 3 TUs.
  • Moving while the character is crouched (crawling) uses one additional TU (so that’s 3 TUs to adjacent squares and 4 TUs diagonally)
  • Crouching or standing up uses 3 TUs.
  • Rotating uses up 1 TU regardless of the number of degrees rotated.

Example: My soldier is crouched behind cover and I want to move to the next cover which is 6 squares away (4 squares straight, 2 squares diagonally). This will take up a total of 20 TUs (3 TUs for standing up, 14 TUs for moving there, 3 TUs for crouching down again).

If your soldier is currently crouching and you want him to be crouching again after his move, you don’t have to do the standing up/crouching manually. Just click on the spot you want to move to and the program will automatically make him stand up, walk over there and crouch again, if that costs fewer TUs than crawling there.

Be careful when moving in the enemy's field of vision, as this may trigger Reaction Fire.

Keep moving soldier!

Manual move1.JPG

Soldier moving to an adjacent square at the cost of 2 TUs. Indicated by the red circle next to the cursor are the TU cost (2) and the TUs still available (13)

Manual move2.JPG

Soldier moving one square diagonally at the cost of 3 TUs.