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Adding a new mission to an existing campaign is very easy. All you have to do is to create a new mission tag and add this to a stage set mission. Some of the keys are described in campaign.ufo.

You can also set the cvar cl_showcoords to 1 to get the coordinates printed to console when you click somewhere on geoscape.



mission farm
	text		"_Location: Revelstoke\nType: Landed Alien Ship\nObjective: Secure Alien Ship before Liftoff"
	map		farm08
	music		mission
	pos		"116 52"
	aliens		7
	alienteam	alien
	alienequip	campaign_alien
	civilians	3
	civteam		european
	recruits	3
	$win		6000
	$alien		100
	$civilian	500

Stage and Stageset

To let this mission appear on geoscape during the game you have to add it to a stage set mission tag:

stage ufos_are_coming
	set first
		seq	ufos_are_coming
		commands	"addufo"
	set crashed_and_landed
		delay		"0 0 1"
		frame		"0 10 0"
		expire		"0 3 0"
		missions	"transport mine construction farm office or_asyut"
		quota		4
		nextstage	invasion
	set stop
		needed		crashed_and_landed
		delay		"0 110 0"
		endstage	ufos_are_coming

As you can see here the mission farm was added to the stage set crashed_and_landed. Now the mission is included in gameplay.