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It seems that max number of ammo per weapon is 3. My mod is working ok when I remove one of the existing Grenade launcher ammo....can this be modded?

I lost hours on this, when I remove saboted slugs for grenade launcher from weapons_human...then it works. Ufopedia always works adn shows model as it should,.

Clicking on grenade launcher in ufopedia is causing also ctd. I really do now know where is my mistake. Im going insane :D

All weapns rebalanced..

If AntJam gives me green light I would like to use his weapons too in my mod (something like joint mod)

0. New ammo for grenade launcher - tested it and its working fine + grenade launcher becomes something like auto shotgun with new saboted ammo * see the pic
1. Plasma blaster is now formidable weapon for close quarters combat and much more deadly in the hands of aliens.
2. Plasma encased rounds were way too strong so I decreased their dmg (I love to use all weapons avaliable in the game, not only 1 or two superb above all weapons)
3. Needler gun and heavy needler gun are now close combat weapons with slightly changed stats and damage
4. Particle beam cannon is now close combat weapon, inaccurate but strong
5. Mini shotgun is now able to use saboted slugs but have reduced damage compared to shotgun
6. Shotgun was way to weak weapon so I added 3 round burst (auto shotgun) + slightly increased damage
7. Plasma rifle accuracy lowered - gun looks more inaccurate than assault rifle so I made it that way
8. Flamewthrower is now usable weapon, reduced TUs usage. Its short rate is compensated with high power and low TUs
9. All laser weapons rebalanced (I hated calculating how many shots I have left)
10. Rocket launcher is now really useful weapon and it deals great damage (reduced TUs, increased damage-since version 2.4 as I play with these modifications for a long time)
11. Particle beam rifle is now most accurate rifle (except sniper rifles and laser weapons) when using aiming
12. Particle beam pistol has new fire mode
13. Big changes to all aircraft speeds: ufos, interceptors, dropships - changed projectile speeds accordingly + SAM sites rate of fire and projectile speeds.
14. Changes to ufo damage capacity, they are now slightly harder to take down

btw. I play with modified weapons, crafts, items from 2.4 version.

I plan to create plasma encased rounds for other weapons, add new interceptors and add more advanced UFO fighter for the start (alien reply to more advanced human interceptors), at leas one new alien weapon in the future...+ some other things :)

I will release first version of the mod in next few weeks!

Help is greatly appreciated (advices...etc.)

Offset problem solved, now I have new problem. I modified grenl_flachette_clip.md2 file but when I try to equip soldiers and when I click on heavy weapons....CTD occurs :(

I renamed file to grenl_sabot_clip, modified it in blender as AntJam suggested.

Uhm...I meant: do you pull from the git repo and compile your own exe ?
Or just using the nightlies ?

Just using nightlies!

Increased the limit by two in master.
Happy testing ;)


I have new problem:

ERROR: model models/weapons/grenl/grenl_sabot_clip.md2 broken offset values (1656, 1632)

btw. AntJam thnx for help!!!

Shiplt thnx for additional info.

Duke, yes, I have git account - I made it for translating purposes for now.

Yea....with this...8...thats the this is some kind of a bug? I hope it will be solved soon.


Until then I will use my time for translation.

CL_ParseParticle: particle def "fireImpact" with same name found, reset first one

Com_ParseItem: MAX_OBJDEFS exceeded

Where did I made mistake? Btw. Im working on a saboted slug for grenade launcher!

// =======================
// =======================
item grenl_sabot_ammo
   name         "_25mm Saboted Grenades"
   model         "weapons/grenl_sabot_clip/grenl_sabot_clip"
   type         "ammo"
   animationindex   0
   shape         "0 0 1 1"
   center         "0 0 0"
   scale         0.7
   price         135
   size         6
   is_primary      true
   is_heavy      true
   dmgtype         "normal"
   weight         1.0

      weapon grenl
         name                   "_Snap Shot"
         skill                   "close"
         projtl                    bullet
         impact            bulletImpact
         hitbody            null
         firesnd            "weapons/bullet-shotgun"
         impsnd            "impact/bullet-impact"
         bodysnd                  "impact/bullet-bodyimpact"
         speed            3000
         spread            "2.5 2.5"
         crouch            0.9
         range            10
         shots            8
         ammo            1
         delaybetweenshots   0
         time            12
         damage            "150 5"
         dmgweight         "normal_medium"
         reaction         true

Bugs in stable version (2.5) / Re: Africa desert in South America
« on: February 16, 2014, 11:30:05 pm »
How to report it? ...just reading wiki...

Bugs in stable version (2.5) / Africa desert in South America
« on: February 12, 2014, 10:16:26 pm »
Well, title says it all...

Translating / Re: Searching translators
« on: February 12, 2014, 08:26:37 pm »
Oky guys. Ill check wiki and if I get stuck I will ask for instructions!

Translating / Re: Searching translators
« on: February 12, 2014, 04:17:48 pm »
Understood, If I will need help I will ask:)

Btw. why cant I use UTF-8 - or can?

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