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Actually I want to make aircrafts, buildings, building capacities and employee sets, campaign mechanic fully scriptable which aren't now. But as always... it is time... and motivation issue..


I would be happy to see that. Honestly all games I played I moded/used mod/many mods.

I can say Im hardcore fan of the original UFO and Laser Squad and this game is closest anyone ever got to the original ufo: atmosphere, feeling, playability, replay value, everything.

Because of all this I wanna play this game, help you any way I can and I wanna make mods.

Mods are very important for a game. Every superb game has great number of mods and this game is superb.
Its no problem for me to lost hours of changing stats, adding new stuff...etc. and then play :D

So please :) make those changes, this game deserves it :)

Making UFOs completely scriptlable is not trivial. However, I can imagine to add some "UFO Modder" to the hardcoded list(s).
Your best bet is to convince at least one dev why the game *needs* a second fighter.

For now, you can use the "UFO Ripper" which is in the lists but not used anywhere afaik.

But I must keep the name ripper :)

Well Ill try to convince them.

My idea is...humans are making more advanced fighters, 3 of them. I think aliens would compensate by upgunning their designs.

It was same in all wars. One side would add cannon to their craft, other side would respond. Lets take ME-109 and Spitfire as examples. Both planes were constantly changed and upgunned, their speed was increasing..etc.

I know this is a game with its limitations as such but I think we can make it more interesting, challenging and fun.
In reality there were numerous version of ME-109, I would like to make only 1 for this game, for the start. New more advanced, faster, upgunned and better armored UFO fighter, an answer to Dragon!
It would also be great that ufos are flying in formations and protecting other alien crafts.

I try to think from realistic point of view, thats why I modded all weapons in my game, some just a little, other alot.

This game is great but it can be even better :)

Well thnx guys :) I am sad to hear that but thnx for help and I must there possibility it could be changed in the future?
Is it the same with aliens?

So it is not possible for me to mod this :( Argh. I was so happy with the idea :(

Found new problem...files like fighter.bsp in 0maps and maps are 2 different should I name them in my mod I need to create 0maps archive + maps folder? I will try it that way. I will create 0maps archive with my fighter files and separate maps folder. I have some feeling there is something more to this, maybe some script???!

Hm, still same error. I even modified *.bsp files. For start I added my test fightermk2 in village, village 2 and all umps/bsps connected to those maps including but I get same error again so I rechecked all files again and problem is still here.

I edited files with notepad2 btw. *md2 files were edited in blender.

In mod folder I combined files from 0maps archive and maps folder - I think thats ok.

Im soon finished with my balancing mod which includes major craft speed overhaul, UFO damage capacity + SAM modifications for compensating speed changes. I also modified max aliens aboard some UFOs like bomber but I think I will need to modify maps too (max number of aliens per map). I rebalanced all weapons in the game also, added more names for soldiers and some other small modifications along all these.

It will be one big mod at the end with many modifications but for start only rebalancing as mentioned above because I see adding new UFO will consume more time that I thought

Here is my newest version of my test fightermk2 mod:

Take a look at an xyz.ump file of your choice. In the corresponding dir maps/xyz you'll see the map tiles for various dropships, landed and crashed ufos.
You will need at least one maptile for one map to see your fighter in battlescape.

Thnx. This will be simple as I will make only minor changes in blender/texture file. This will be advanced fighter. After this I will make completely new UFO but small size.
Making bigger ufo seems to me as HUGE work.

One more thing, can you give me some instructions how to make new mission - downed interceptor mission. I saw you already prepared game for that kind of mission while studying the game files.

// Notes
// UFOs are listed in order of appearance. See also:
// adding or renaming ufos: change the assembly name or add the assembly to corresponding ump files

I think this is the problem: add the assembly to corresponding up file - I dont know how or where!

Without sharing your changes we can't help.


ps. There might be hardcoded values for ufos though... Still need your changes to see if that's the problem.

For the start I wanna just test adding of new fighter, after that I will start making additional changes.

WHat I did for now is here in attachment!


btw. I editet aircraftmanagement minute ago but problem is still here:

aircraft craft_ufo_fightermk2
   param {
      speed      21
      maxspeed   26
      shield      2
      ecm         90
      damage      290
      accuracy   100
      range      236
   name      "_UFO - FighterMk2"
   defaultname   "_Fightermk2 U"
   type      "ufo"
   model      "geoscape/ufo_fightermk2"
   size      1
   numteam      6
   price      15000
   image      "geoscape/air_ufo"
   interestlevel 50

   radar {
      range   10
      trackingrange   14

   slot {
      type      "weapon"
      size      "heavy"
      contains   rs_craft_weapon_particle
      ammo      rs_craft_ammo_particle

User modifications / Adding new UFO: unknown craft_ufo_"name of new UFO"
« on: February 20, 2014, 11:26:22 am »
Well, I added new ufo in all files in 0ufos and in models but I still get that message.

I cant continue working on this mod until I solve this problem.

Please help and sorry for "spamming", I just wanna make new mod!

I checked all files in 0ufos and added new ufo accordingly based on original ufo fighter but I still get same error?!

Taking a break with my skydiving buddies...maybe Ill get inspiration :D

I triple checked, my *md2 files are all ok. I missed something and I dont know what.

New problem!

Im working on a new ufo based on ufo fighter. I edited *.md2 files from models\geocape and aircraft. I also added new ufo fighter to aircraftmanagement.ufo, research.ufo and aircraft.ufo in msgid.

I placed all files in mod folder, game boots but when I click on campaign I get:

unknown craft_ufo_fightermk2

I think I made mistake in one of the *.md2 files but I wanna know if that is the case as I dont wanna lost hours again on error searching :)

You've found another hardcoded limit: 4 ammos per weapon (GL already has 4)

As I said, it is hardcoded, and trying to increase it seems to cause a crash (see bug 5283), we are investigating the issue

Edit:Just for the record: while the above is true — the game will parse the file twice — when the game finds more than one item with the same id, it will discard all definitions after the first one (it will still generate a lot of error messages of course)

I concluded it is hardcoded after almost 4 hrs :D I thought I made mistake somewhere so I was cheking everything over and over again, then I decided to remove flachette grenades and I was laughing to myself :D

there was 3 round burst for shotgun in 2.4 but devs says that it was too storng so they deleted it... what kind of interceptors/ufos are you plan to make? if you are making stornger ufos will you make some stronger aa defence as well? for medium/late game maybe?

Well, I tested all weapons trough game that I play now over 2 months. 3 round burst from shotgun (when I added it again) could not take down armored ortnok, one shot can kill only unarmored Taman 100%.

Close combat weapons have great disadvantage because of limited range, low accuracy and if they dont have power they are just taking place in the game - they are useless.

I generally use: 1 or 2 snipers, 1 or 2 HE, 2 or 3 assault and 2 or 3 close combat soldiers. Those close combat ones are first when storming tight places so I said to myself I wanna give them good weapons.

Single shot shotgun is totally useless as soon as Tamans start showing up with alien armor. Single shot cant even kill sheevar sometimes.

I already modded AAs. I felt that ufos are too weak, specially fighter considering they have far more advanced tech than humans.

All modifications to stats I made were made while playing game so I think they are very good.

Thing that bothered me the most was plasma blaster along with shotgun. My close combat units were useless and I hate when game forces me to use only 1 or two weapons so I made plasma blaster BLASTER :). From 60  plasma beam is raised to 100, plasma ball to 220. Even with 220 dmg plasma ball cant take down ortnok but 3 round shot will take him down and it costs only 12 TUs.

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