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Discussion / Suggestion: Crew selection made easy
« on: March 27, 2011, 02:02:31 pm »
Hello all,

I'm playing UFO AI for quite some time now and stumbled upon some improvements that could be made. My major suggestion would be to simplify crew selection.

Current situation:
You have to select each and every soldier (for example) to view their stats and abilities. Mainly I spend about half a hour to select a crew that satisfy my needs and tactics.

Possibly improved situation:
Some kind of table in with every crew member is incorporated. Also in this table stats are implemented and other information about the crew member. In this case it would be easier to find a specific crew with a specific stat that would fit in your team. So no more scrolling and clicking every crew member, but just with a blink of a eye a full overview.

|Name......|Strength..|Speed....|Accuracy.|Mind..........| etc. (including weapon stats) ->
|Crew #1...| Mod. (17)|Good (30)|Mod. (17)|Good (30)     | etc. ->
|Crew #2...| Bad. (10)|Good (32)|Mod. (12)|Very Good (42)| etc. ->

I'm sorry if this suggestion has already been made. I've completely overlooked it, if this is the case.

Windows / Re: Vista
« on: March 10, 2010, 06:59:25 pm »
okey i tried it on windows seven on my daddy's PC :P
same... slow,, freezing... :(
i have VGA Ati radeon hd 4570/3200 its good i think...
i have drivers from (.com) so they are specially for my card...
i have Audio drivers, usb, all drivers so... but i dont know why its so slow :(
and i have direct x 10
aero off

You say you've downloaded your video-drivers from In my opinion, that's not correct. You should download your video drivers from, this is the official website for downloading ati video drivers. is just the manufacturer of your pc/laptop. Propably they've adjusted some settings.

did you try to deactivate the glsl shaders already?

I did, have tried various setting combinations. Even tried different combinations with Catalyst settings. Nothings seems to work which is a shame because I like this game very much. :(

When I tried to play the game on a notebook of a friend of mine, it works all fine! His notebook uses a ATI card (HD2400 series if I'm correct).

Edit: After reading some documentation on the official AMD site, I concluded my video card doesn't support OpenGL 3.0. The video card in the notebook (HD2400) does support OpenGL 3.0 which makes sense when I play the game on the notebook.

I've also tried the newest version (ufoai_win32_r28412). And I've also experienced the same mentioned problems. The screenshots shown in the first post could be mine!

Windows XP x32 (with latest updates)
ATI Radeon X1300 series 512 Mb with latest update (In fact, I was getting the brilliant idea to update my video drivers when I started to play this game)
Intel Celeron 2.93 GHz
1.0 GB RAM

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