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Bugs in older version (2.4) / Re: Credit above 10m in 2.4
« on: July 06, 2012, 07:27:41 pm »
No its not the goal of the game, but accumulating money does help pay for your operation in defending against the aliens, as well as various equipment, production costs etc.

Bugs in older version (2.4) / Re: Credit above 10m in 2.4
« on: July 05, 2012, 05:42:57 pm »
Would it be worth increasing this then?  Does seem strange that you can't have more than 10m in credits.

Bugs in older version (2.4) / Credit above 10m in 2.4
« on: July 04, 2012, 05:04:19 pm »

It seems that 10m in credits is the highest number of credits shown.  I currently have 10 million in credits, and when I sell additional stuff, my inventory goes down, but my credits won't go up.  They constantly remain at 10 million credits.


Feature Requests / Proposed - Base Facilities: Training Complex
« on: June 06, 2012, 12:37:24 pm »
Hi there,

Not sure if there are already plans, but was wondering if it is worth having a training facility incorporated into later build versions.  I think it could be good to allow soldiers to train in weapons etc. to help them improve their stats.  So if your soldiers are using alien weapons, then of course to begin with they will be ineffectual with them, but with practice and training they could master the skills needed to better wield these weapons.  It could be much like a Hospital in that if any soldiers are not injured they are automatically put in training. 

Discussion / Re: Research Tree and Alien Base(s)
« on: June 03, 2012, 12:46:56 pm »
You can send aircraft out on patrols, even if the aircraft is at a base.  If you click on the base containing your craft, click on aircraft, select the aircraft you want, then under the description tab, above the aircraft health status there is a little picture of a house with an arrow coming out of it.  Click on it and then you can send you aircraft out on patrol.

Discussion / Re: Research Tree and Alien Base(s)
« on: June 01, 2012, 11:25:25 pm »
Yeap, looks like you need 10 aliens.  Just got my tenth and Odd behaviour now appears.  Still not sure about Human Phalanx Attacks and Alien Bases.

Discussion / Re: Winning strategy?
« on: June 01, 2012, 09:07:34 pm »
I have noticed that when you click on the night vision button, you do lose time units.  So I assume they have been put on their heads.  Maybe a UI tweak is in order to alert you that goggles are activated.  Other than that haven't noticed any real improvement in visibility.  I generally tried to avoid night time missions, and make my firebird wait right next to a crash site if need be , just to get it to land at day.

Discussion / Re: Winning strategy?
« on: June 01, 2012, 07:50:12 pm »
Forgot to add:


I've never lost a solider, but they have been injured.  I use plasma blasters and heavy machine guns (these are my favourites) as part of my 8 man strike teams, with night googles, nanocomposite armour and medikits for each.  I did think about the plasma grenades and throw those in front of my team to sweep out the enemy but then there maybe civies in the way, so stuck with the heavy weapons.  I don't really bother with any other weapons as most of the human ones are pittiful, and can be put your soliders in awkard positions.  I once had a alien sneek up on a solider who was carrying a grenade launcher.  Now if I had used the grenade launcher I would have lost a solider.  Instead, solider is moved away, and another solider chops the alien to bits with their machine gun.

My strategy is simple, shoot, duck and hide, and span out my troops in two man teams to sweep the terrain.  That way, if a solider gets hit, his co-solider can wip out the medikit.

Discussion / Re: Winning strategy?
« on: June 01, 2012, 07:08:08 pm »
Hi there,

I have 5 bases, which now have individual purposes.

BS1 - In Russia on the Border between Europe, Russia and Middle-Eastern Alliance (Purpose: Research (60 Scientists), Interception x1 Saracen, DropShip x1 Firebird) has UFO Yard 1 next to it for researching new craft.
BS2 - In North America (mexico area) on the border between the two nations (Purpose: Production (40 Workers), Inteception x1 Saracen, Dropship x1 Firebird) has UFO Yard 2 for dissemblying UFOs
BS3 - Africa (Purpose: Interception x1 Saracen, Dropship x1 Firebird)  Soon to have my first Stingray Interceptor
BS4 - The Commonwealth (Purpose: Production (40 Workers), Inteception x1 Saracen, Dropship x1 Firebird) has UFO Yard 3 for dissemblying UFOs
BS5 - South America (Purpose: Fast Aircraft Production (50 Workers)

With these 5 bases and the advanced radar, and smaller radar sites, I cover every bit of the Earth, except for the Antartic.

I think the trick is to have your bases near multiple borders to try and cover as much area as possible with your radars, in conjunction with Radar sites.  When you first start off then your first base is going to be multifunctional, but then switch to a purpose built base setup with subsequent bases.  You soon realise that you run out of space to build if you keep them multifunctional.

Each base has two Laser Turrets, but my BS5 base has a SAM as well.  I have about 5-6 Radars sites and 4 or so SAMs. 

I would say build bases slowly, maybe building up two fully funcitonal bases first, that way you can keep your credits up.  I tended to build new infrastructure when the Nations paid me at the end of each month.

I agree with geisthund:

1. best to research Alien tech first
2. base defences. Go for the Continuous Wave laser, gives you the Base Laser Turrent  (in 2.4 this seems to be the highest form of base defence)
3. Other stuff.
4. Story stuff.

Salvo is right: Research takes priority.  When you first start your base has workshops.  Get rid of them, put in more labs, sack your workers, hire more scientists.  Increase your research capabiltities.  You will get access to new tech faster, and will allow you to hit the Aliens harder much earlier in the game.

I tend to have x2 partical beams per Saracen and alien aircraft plating.  This allows the Saracens at least to shoot down scouts and fighters.  I leave harvesters to land - this means I can send in a Firebird to recover 100% of the craft and thus gain the most in Alien Materials and Anti-Matter.  I'm about 90 hours away from my first Stingray (currently being built at BS5) so will then trial it against some of the UFOs to see how it fairs.  My goal is to ship to BS3 and for it to become a major interceptor for the southern hemisphere.  So far BS3 has 2 anti-matter storage silios so it will be interesting to see how much AM gets used per interception.

Prevent countries from Leaving
I generally sell them the scouts and fighters which keeps them happy.  Also making sure you conduct patrols with your Saracens in the countries that are less happy with you.  Of course building infrastructure as well in those countries will make them happy.

As you have researched Alien tech first you can auto sell the stuff you don't want or need.  I auto sell things like Plasma pistols etc. - I now make about 55000 to 70000 per mission from sellling this, so as a result have about 2.2m.  Also you can sell Alien detection, Astrgation, Partical Beams you remove from UFOs, but leave enough if you want to build a hybrid interceptor.  I suspect though that you will need a fast and tough craft to take down the bigger UFOs later on in the game.  Partical Beams sell for about 11,000, and I have about 24 of them to sell.  Hhmm, so another 264,000 credits sitting there.  The advanced radar pays off because UFOs stay on my scopes for longer, which means I can get to them, and results in around 5-8 missions per wave.

Hope this helps.

Discussion / Research Tree and Alien Base(s)
« on: June 01, 2012, 06:12:12 pm »
Can you tell me when Human Attacks Phalanx and Odd Behaviour become avaiable to research?  At the moment I have researched everthing (well those that I can), except for some of the story tree and aircraft elements.  The Story Tree elements, I've researched are:

Dead Alien - Alien Autopsy
Alien Origins - Alien Astrogation
Live Alien - Alien Mind (I have 9 live aliens)

.. don;t seem to have Odd Behaviour, Alien Communication etc, and others available. Should a mission type or event occur before I can progress these?

Also can I ask about the Alien Base(s).  The Aliens setting up Alien Bases on Earth: again do these occurr only when the Alien Interest factor has reached a certain threshold?  For example, when would "Alien Base Discovered" appear?  Until then I can't research new drop ships.

By the way guys can I just say that UFO: AI is an absolute awesome and impressive game; has taken me back to my XCOM days.

Discussion / Re: The Bigger UFOs
« on: May 31, 2012, 01:50:21 pm »
At the moment, I'm playing it on an easy level to get a feel for the game.  It's current in Nov 2084.  So in terms of time and difficulty, can I expect to see bigger UFOs soon?

Discussion / The Bigger UFOs
« on: May 28, 2012, 02:33:28 pm »
At what point do Supply Ships, Gunboats and Corruptors spawn within the Game?  I'm playing 2.4.  Does it depend on a certain level of research.  I'm about Aug/Sep 2084 into the game, and was wondering if it comes down to the length of game play or the research tree progressed, or neither.

Discussion / Nano Heavy Armour
« on: May 27, 2012, 02:54:00 pm »
Is this currently available in 2.4? I can't see a reference to this in the roadmap.  I've researched alien medium armour but nano heavy is not available.

Discussion / Implants
« on: May 27, 2012, 12:11:01 pm »

I've noticed in the Hospital, when you click on a solider there is a button for Implants but does work.  Is this something that will be incorporated into the game at a later stage?

Discussion / Re: Armour
« on: May 22, 2012, 07:02:16 pm »
ok thanks.

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