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Feature Requests / Re: Civilian AI and ranged stun weapons
« on: June 15, 2009, 11:00:48 am »
Hand thrown grenades are generally larger in effect then anything launched.   Given the stated size of the Launcher round Keep in mind how much actual payload of "Gas" can be fit into the round.    Not much would be my take.  certainly far less then a hand thrown gas grenade.  The area of effect would be smaller and the concentration and thus effectiveness of the irritants dispersed would be less.  Can it be done for "realism"?  yes certainly.  But i think it would need to be "nerfed" appropriately/legitimately to avoid upsetting the game balance.  in short.  I am opposed to it on the grounds of gamebalance/flavor.  The excuse being that the  GL round is too small to provide adequate dispersion of THIS SPECIFIC MIX of chemicals needed in a quantity sufficient to be "combat effective."

Civ's on the battlefield? people are going to have one of 3 responces,  and they are the same basic behaviors you see sheep doing: Hide, Herd, Hysteria.

1. Hide - Run from aliens, and PHALANX both.(possibly other civ's too.)  "There are people with guns shooting!  OH MY GOD!  If I Hide then maybe they won't notice me. I don't want to get shot!"  (simple LOS check,  move only when needed to get out of LOS of others.)

2. Herd - Civ's will look for other Civ's and cluster/follow them.   Some may chose to "Herd" with PHALANX soldiers, But only till they see other Civ's to be with.  In times of trouble they go with who they know.  "Where are my Children!?  Where is my Husband? Stay with me! I don't want to be alone!!!" (check targets seen and move to closest "friendly" inside certain range.  otherwise Hide/hysteria as appropriate.)

3. Hysteria-  If an alien gets too close they might attack the aliens.  when up against the wall, what else do they have to lose? they will die horribly but they might try.  "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!  Wheres my BABY?!?  WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BABY!"  (Check targets and if alien too close, say 2-3 tiles and if injured,  attack!  otherwise  move randomly.)

If I had to code behaviours for a CIV AI those are the ones that I would do.  You can just give every Civ one of the default behaviors for the map and have them stick with it.  The HERD responce can lead to some realistic interactions.  Lady HERDS to guy with HIDE responce.  HERDS with HYSTERIA.  could be someone trying to calm down family member....  HERDS and HERDS = 2 kids holding each other frozen in place.  or simply script a few basic conditions where a person can shift AI modes.  start them all in a random mode  but then let it shift as needed.
If i had to code all the behaviors into 1 AI behaviour set.  Hide when alone, Herd with other CIV's prefered or PHALANX if close enough and nothing better.  And hysteria if aliens too close,  RUN if possible,  Fight only if cornered.

I can provide evidence to support these behaviours.  and setting it up this way wouldn't unduely influence gameplay.

Feature Requests / Re: Praise and Possibilities
« on: May 08, 2007, 08:43:03 pm »
Cloaking shield?  MAke it a one shot "disposable" item.  ends up being a high tech "smoke grenade."  Something you can use to run accross that open area and not get shot.  but useless for long term cloaking.

sentry turrets?  not a bad idea.  Might be difficult to implement.  I figure you just give them a single clip of ammo, and 1 fire mode.(full auto) and they will run dry real fast.  that would limit there effectiveness.  esspecially if they are crummy shots. ;)  in fact they would end up being more of a warning sensor then a serious tactical threat.

Sounds and Music / Preliminary voice samples list.
« on: May 07, 2007, 06:50:16 pm »
If it comes to that.  Yeah. w can do that.  I do some semi-amatuer soudn engineering.  I have access to some very high quality mic's and whatnot.  LEt me se what I can do.

Sounds and Music / Sound and Music standard. Alex?
« on: May 02, 2007, 05:56:22 pm »
Alex, I am told that there is no defacto standard for sound and music files beyond defining the filestypes:

.wavs have many flavors on sample and mixrate.  can we define a standard so that submissions have greater consistancy?  You are a  big contibutor and I'm all set to start working on some serious sound contibutions of my own. (sound effect wise...)

What are your thoughts?


Sounds and Music / Weapon Sounds To-Do
« on: May 02, 2007, 05:47:56 pm »
Alex,  I have a flashbang sound worked out.  I've heard real flashbangs (being in the army and all...)
This is closer to what you hear.

More Percussive and less explosive is the trick.  A flashbang is designed to burn VERY quickly and give a percussive BANG and be done.  There is no fragmentation.   Resulting a in a relatively "clean" percussive sound.

A grenade is desined to fragment so you get resulting mini sonic booms as fragaments fly off in diffrent directions.  resulting in a "dirtier" sound.
hope that helps.

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