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Ah I see tyvm Mattn so the manufacturing requirements are listed in the research.ufo file k thanks.  I opened up most but not that one thinking it was research stuff only and not manufacturing my bad should have checked.

PS: I am not sure if I posted this in the correct section or not so my appolgise if I did not and please move to correct forum section if needed ty

Hey there I am wanting to play the game on easy level to start with and am finding that becuase the alien material componets are so massively high even on the easiest difficulty settings I am needing to deconstruct 11-12 undamaged harvesters for eg. just to make one small stringray intercepter?  Seems ULTRA unbalaned to me for low difficulty game and I suspect once the bigger ships arrive (which in my game I am expecting them at any time now) I am going to be EXTREMELY outgunned and underpowered even with 3 interceptor to 1 alien large ship unless I can get some researched interceptors created.  However I am almost to the stage of large ships I expect and have been mostly devoting my 6 workshops to disabling intact harvestors etc. and am still only about halfway to getting the materials for just 1 of the low end researched interceptors?  I have gone through most of the relavent ufo files with notepad but can't seem to find anywhere mensioned where item requirements (alien materials) are mensioned.  Can someone please help me find the right file and location in file to adjust the alien material components on my copy of the game please this is driving me nuts!

k thanks will do

and thanks heaps dark rain and bayo for all your assistance looks like I got it as far as I can for the moment until the fix maps.  Couldn't have done it without all the assistance especially from dark rain :)

TY h-hour will there be some sort of news post on mainpage or forum post?  Or just keep checking to see?

update 2: well I downloaded and built the base game fine but when I use python to do the maps it says line corruption or something y/n I type y then it just says version mismatch on all the files?  Any idea what I did wrong there?  Plus I noticed that when I have built from svn in the past it says down the bottom of main menu in game what svn build no. it is and my git compile doesn't have a build no. is that normal?  Can't really test my build till I get next problem sorted the maps but at least I got just the latest version of the base game compiled via git so far thanks to all your help :) any ideas on the map/python issue?

Update:  downloaded source code and built with cg with 0 errors and 53 warning messages.  Now attempting to build maps.  Also does anyone know how to set cg so that it compiles the bin in a certain directory or configure the source so that the compiler compiles it in a certain place?  Because as it is it compiles a copy of the binary in the same directory as the source download which is rather messy and pretty much impossible to separate after it has been built.  Will let you know how the map compiling goes and how the binary turns out.  Thanks again for all the help so far

sorry ment to type ALOT not ALMOST lol always do that thing one word and type another hehe

thanks! that last one only started downloading after I typed in the fetch command this time and with --depth 1 it just downloads the amount that you said so looks like it worked.  Downloading it now and once it's done I will try and learn/setup/install cg or equilpse and see if it builds correctly.  Will let you know what happens :) I must say though this git is ALMOST more work then svn for ppl like me :( oh well hopefully it helps the developers do things easier that's the main thing :)

thanks trying that now but as soon as I type in the git remote option it seems to start up wants to download nearly 1/4 million objects before I even get to type in the fetch command and becuase it's downloading to a temp package via bash instead of direct copy while in transfer I can't see what it's downloading either.  but becuase when I did it with tortise svn and git bash before it said the same amount of objects I am fairly sure it didn't work and is still downloading the entire repository tree dispite the add -t master orginal command line switches to the remote command.  Maybe the source for just the master is alot bigger then I thought.  I remember downloading for the 1st time the 2.4dev branch only on svn not long back and didn't take all that much download and time but maybe I am miss remembering?  How many objects and total size is the 2.4dev branch (now master in git?) anyway? thanks again for your help so far :)

Hi I am a novice hobby compiler or this program/game and some others on the net and am trying to get the latest git source to compile but am having trouble working out how to download just the 2.4dev branch and NOT the whole repository through tortisegit or gitbash (preferably tortisegit or something simular).  Your latest guide on downloading mensions to download tortisegit for the windows platform but the compile instructions are only for gitbash or simular commandline git program?  I can download the entire thing through either but I would very much prefer to just download the latest build (git master branch ? ) and NOT the whole repository.  Also I used to use make ufo ai tool to auto download and compile for me but now that svn is no longer valid is there a way to modify it to use git instead so I can continue to do it the same convenient method with the latest git code?  Hopefully there is or you are planning on releasing a newer version with git source support :)  If not I will have to learn to use cg or equilipse :( and do maps and language separatly.  I personally have only really used visual studio professional 2008 so am inexperienced in other compilers.  Thank you in advance for any help or tips :)

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